Free 7 days
max 1 device

For one device (7 days), you can install the free app. You can to use it for testing. This traffic is best to start using and study of the system.
!~ Non-commercial use ~!

$20 per 2 months
per one device

If you have a small number of entities for analysis, this tariff is just for you. You pay only for what you use.

$50 per device
one time fee

If you have a big company, but you want to reduce your costs, then the tariff will help you. Unlimited time per device gives you complete freedom of action.


If you want custom application, which will perform the functions different from default, then fill out the form with your requests

Customer satisfaction survey logo Customer satisfaction measurement.

Satisfaction survey is mobile application that gets customer reviews by using loyalty buttons. With it you can find out the quality of service and customer loyalty to your company. App for evaluation of the quality of service is easy to set up and can be operated without internet. Now the system is worked for the operating system Android and Apple. Customer satisfaction buttons for Android and Apple

Just free for a limited devices!